Friday, 14 February 2014

WOW Newsletter - February 2014

Wonders of Wetheringsett - February 2014

Here is the first edition of the WOW newsletter of 2014.  It is amazing how much we have managed to fit into the first half term of the year and lovely to be able share in all the great things that go on in school with you all.
Have a great half term break and we look forward to seeing the children back again on Monday 24th February.
Vicky Doherty

Eco-Week Competition

We had so many wonderful, imaginative entries to our competition to make something useful out of things that would otherwise be thrown away.

Here is just a selection of the entries.

Eco-Week Art Project

One of the highlights of Eco-Week was working with Rojo Art to turn piles and piles of rubbish into a fantastic, imaginative display. The whole school spent an entire day working on the project. We are delighted with the resulting display in the library

Trip to Virador Recycling Plant

Another part of Eco-Week was the KS2 visit to the recycling plant at Great Blakenham. Both classes did lots of follow up work back in school. Sycamore Class made this very informative display and wrote information leaflets to share what they had learnt.

Y2 Trip to the Middy

As part of their work on forces, children in Lime Tree Class went to the Middy to find out about forces in action on the trains. They looked at the couplings to see how engines push and pull the wagons and then had great fun launching an air rocket into the sky.

Making Fat Balls in Sycamore

Sycamore Tree Class invited parents and grandparents in to help them make fat balls for birds as part of their work on habitats. The birds in our school garden have been appreciating them since!
Y5 & 6 History, Art and  Design Technology

Children in Chestnut Tree Class have been learning about Native American Indians in history this half term. As part of this, they made this magnificent eagle in art as well as these teepees in design technology..

Again this year, we took part in Sign2Sing. Children learnt how to sign as they sang a special  song and raised £54.

Epiphany Procession

Rev. Julia Lall marked Epiphany with us this year with a procession down to the church in crowns that the children had made, led by a star, kings and camels. This was followed by a short service where we were joined by parents.

Moving Pictures

Here are some of the moving pictures that Willow Tree Class made and then peer-evaluated as part of their design technology this term.


Phonics and Spelling Information Evening for Parents

3rd March 2014


Come along and find out how phonics and spelling are taught and how you can support your child.

Term Dates and PD Days

We are pleased to confirm the PD Days for 2014-15. These are in line with Debenham High School’s to make easier for parents with children at both schools.

3rd, 4th September 2014
24th October 2014
5th January 2015
23rd February 2015
22nd May 2015

TERM DATES 2014-15
Autumn Term 2014 - begins 3 September 2014,ends 19 December 2014
Autumn Half Term - begins 27 October 2014,ends 31 October 2014
Christmas Holiday - begins 22 December 2014,ends 2 January 2015
Spring Term 2015 - begins 5 January 2015,ends 27 March 2015
Spring Half Term - begins 16 February 2015, ends 20 February 2015
Spring Break - begins 30 March 2015,ends 10 April 2015
Summer Term 2015 - begins 13 April 2015, ends 22 July 2015

Summer Half Term - begins 25 May 2015, ends 29 May 2015

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sycamore Class Feed the Birds!

The year 3 & 4 children in Sycamore Class were busy yesterday afternoon, making fat balls for birds. This was part of the work they have been doing on habitats. Mrs Sharpe was very grateful to all the parents and grandparents who came in and helped.

Some children even made a bird box!

Trip to the Middy

As part of their science work on forces, Lime Tree Class walked down to the Middy to look at forces in action in the trains there. They were met by Katie who showed them the couplings and buffers on the trains, how the points mechanisms worked and how the coupling rods pushed and pulled the wheels round. The children had a great time and it was fantastic for them to have the opportunity to apply what they had learnt in a different setting.

 The highlight was definitely when each child was able to send the air rocket high into the air!

Our thanks to Katie and all the other volunteers at the Middy who chatted to the children and answered all their many questions as we went round.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Eco-Week Art Project

On Thursday, Rojo Art came into school to work with the children as part of our Eco-Week. Heidi and Jacquie, the artists, worked with children using recycled materials to make a wonderful display for our library. The project is also featured on

The children turned this:
Into this!

Heidi helping children to cut plastic bottles to make flowers.

Jacquie demonstrating how to cut the bottles

Children in Mrs Sharpe's class designed flowers and for the background.

The first bit of the background goes up!

The second group make their flowers

Finished flowers waiting to go up.

More background...

Lots more flowers!

The second background has gone up!

The final one!

Jacquie and Heidi put the display up after school

The finished display!