Sunday, 3 November 2013

New Logo and Vision Statement

We were delighted to officially launch our new logo and vision statement today.

The logo was designed in consultation with pupils, parents, staff and governors. Everyone was keen to keep the train to represent the Mid Suffolk Light Railway which is an important part of the village. The idea of having a church came from some children who felt it was important to show that we are are a church school on our logo.

We also wanted to have a shared vision of our core aims and values that would underpin everything we do in school from our curriculum to our relationships with each other and asked the opinion of all our stakeholders on this too.

We came up with with the strap-line Building skills for life - Helping our children to become caring, confident and successful which reflects the shared belief that, although academic success is important and we are very proud of the high standards pupils at Wetheringsett achieve, we also need to develop the wider skills and attributes that our children will need when they go out into the world.

From the consultation, it also became clear that there were some core values behind this that were also important to us that we needed to articulate:
  • High but realistic expectations of each child
  • Supporting all to achieve to their full potential
  • Fostering enquiring, creative minds and inspired learners
  • Working in partnership with parents
  • Noticing, valuing, respecting and cherishing each child
  • Putting Christian values at the heart of all we do
  • Having courtesy, good manners and consideration for others
  • Embracing technology to learn and adapt to our changing world
  • Seeing school at the heart of the wide community
  • Appreciating and understanding our local and wider environment

The important thing is that we now all use this vision statement as a basis for all that we do in school so than anyone who visits the school should see all of these things in action.

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